What Should Signs Prompt You that Your Water Heater Needs Repair?

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Our days are mostly in a rush. We fail to take notice of things that would soon cause us headaches. For most, they just don’t know what the warning signs are to begin with. Before experiencing a broken water heater in the middle of your shower or worse, having to spend your last penny to buy a new water heater, read on. We asked the experts on heating and air repair on clues that there is something wrong with your water heater.

1. Frequent changes in water temperature

Suspect a problem when you had set the thermostat at a specific temperature but still get inconsistencies. Mineral deposits may build over time on your lines. Such will affect the heating apparatus. Consider also damage to the heating apparatus itself.

2. Poor water supply

There are a lot of reasons why you get a poor water supply. Consider each one. Check if you may. If your water heater is newly installed, most likely, a poor design or a kinked line is the problem. If your water heater had been around for some time, a leak is a possibility. A broken, damaged or worn-out line may also be the cause. It might also be parts that have to loosen up over time. Leaks can greatly decrease the water pressure and supply.

Water has minerals. These minerals can build up over time in the tanks and lines. This obstructs the flow of the water. In minor instances, flushing can be done to solve the problem. If worst comes to worse, you have it replaced by a heating and air repair expert.

3. Changes in taste, color or smell

A metallic taste or smell in the water signals a corroded pipeline. This may come with rust-colored water. An unusual taste or smell presented with or without a cloudy appearance in the water signals mineral build-up on the tank and lines. Both conditions need the expertise of a heating and air repair professional. Prior to the service, you can begin checking where the problem is at.

If both warm and cold water supply at your home has the same appearance, the mainline should be checked as well. When only the warm water has the distinct appearance, the problem is within its lines. Promptly act on the problem as it may damage the whole water heater system.

4. Unusual noise

Water heaters do come with noise. Once the noise varies from the usual, a problem is on its way. Some parts may have worn out through constant use and needs replacement. A mineral build up can cause the same. The mineral may pile up on important water heating parts. This may cause it to overheat.

It’s important that you take notice of these signs. These should save you all the troubles. Not to mention how much it will cost you to spend later on. It helps when regular AC maintenance service. Even if you may not notice it, the heating and air repair will and take care of it for you.