How to ensure the upkeep of your furnace cleaning

Furnace cleaning

Furnace cleaning is an important task in your daily life apart from the maintenance schedule. If the furnace happens to be dirty it is going to less efficient in terms of energy and at the same time a lot of fuel will be wasted. The three major areas that go on to have an impact on the furnace are the blower, heat exchanger along with the filter system. In an ideal scenario you should learn on how to take care of your furnace and extend its life to the maximum extent possible.

As part of the procedure of furnace maintenance do follow the below steps

The furnace filter is to be inspected

Normally the filter is found in the top of the furnace. You would need to fasten the screws so as to access it. It should be turned off before you are planning to access it. In a normal situation the filter should come out in an easy manner. In order to prevent any damage do not force the filter out. Just observe carefully whether any dirt or debris is blocking it. If there is dirt then on an urgent basis as part of furnace maintenance it needs to be cleaned.

It has been observed that some furnaces go on to employ a disposable filter. If this is the case with you, then take it to a nearby store and ask for a replacement of the same model.

The blower assembly is to be cleaned

The furnace is to be unplugged first and foremost. Any failure to do so may result in serious form of injuries. This is to be followed by removing the top panel attached to the furnace. This is to be done if you are planning to clean the entire blower assembly. There is a fan connected to the furnace and this is done with the aid of wire connections. If this is the case then do make a note of it before you go on to remove them. In order to make the process of reassembly easy you can put on a tape on it and then label it. Also once the furnace cleaning is undertaken do keep the bolts or screws in proper place so that you do not end up losing any of them.

The block of heat exchanger is to be cleaned

First and foremost all the connections from the furnace are to be unplugged. If this happens to be a gas furnace you would need to turn off the gas. Any dirt that is presented needs to be cleaned off the blocks as well. In fact a damp cloth may be used in order to remove the build-up as well.

This is to be followed by vacuuming the block assembly and you would then need to clean all the chambers associated with it as well. Once you are done with the work does keep in mind that the furnace is to be plugged back.