The Secrets To Pinoy Channel

The Secrets To Pinoy Channel


Today, we are going to look at Pinoy channel’s secrets and facts and see why the channel is a big success. If you ask me, I wouldn’t need this information to watch the channel because I already do but if you don’t watch it then here you go.

GMA Network Production

All the GMA TV shows can be seen on Pinoy Channel mainly because the production of Pinoy tambayan is the great miracle of GMA Network. Therefore, they air every GMA TV show that has ever been created and in addition to that, they also air Pinoy TV Shows. I really think you should send them a thank you because it is because of them that we are now able to be in a place where we can actually watch good quality TV shows and television series without paying a single penny. I don’t know if this doesn’t count as a blessing to you then what exactly is a blessing in your head.

Sports On Pinoy Channel

Who doesn’t love a good commentary on the sports and an even better documentary? I surely do. However, there is always a problem with the kind of channel that I want for these two. And apparently after years on a poor quality channel I have landed on Pinoy Channel. These documentaries and sports are actually pretty good. I fell in love with sports all over again and because of those poor quality TV channels I actually hated them for a while. How often do you watch sports on Pinoy Channel by the way?

Catching Up On Pinoy TV Shows

There is one drawback of Pinoy Channel and that is that the shows are originally aired on ABS-CBN. So, all the GMA TV shows or Pinoy TV shows that are ever aired on Pinoy channel are actually a day or two behind. If you are into the shows played on the weekends then they might be up to date but the shows that are played on the week days are all behind so if you have a Philippians who is your friend, she might ruin the story for you or the Internet and social media websites might ruin it for you.

Launching of Pinoy Channel

Do you have any idea where Pinoy Channel was first launched? It wasn’t launched in Philippines but in Japan. How cool is that? But of course the main origin is your very own beautiful country Philippines.


So these were all the facts that you didn’t know about Pinoy Channel. Now that you know more about it, I am sure you want to check it out and see how wonderful it actually is.