STX Entertainment by Robert Simonds giving stiff competition to established production houses

STX Entertainment,  the next generation media company is towering over all its competitors exploring the entertainment world with Robert Simonds.  It was established in 2014 by Richard Simonds with the aim of carving out the brand Hollywood studio placing it in the segment of producing premium budget movies starring pricey, Big-name actors.  With strong financial backing from Co-founders and venture capitalists, STX Entertainment has reached $15 Million in revenue. The terrifying growth signals a stiff competition to the established production houses. Hollywood had already witnessed the collapse of new entrants, but exceptional extensions are here again. Robert Simonds cultured the art of growth through acquisition. The to-be entertainment empire leveraged the chances of entertainment industry way beyond its competitors. More than films all the integral aspect of the industry was put into the experiment, thus diving deeper to authentically anchor the footage forever.

STX Digital, STX Films, STX International and STX Television are the Credible terrains under the STX Brand.

Richard Simonds and his partners are in a new phase to stir out their brainchild to reach the highly attracting massive audience across the globe. They joined hands with The Uglydolls for marking another milestone in their success saga. The Uglydolls is a brand based on a series of plush toys introduced in 2001. The Uglydolls is planned to hit multiple divisions of STX including the television, virtual reality and games arms. The proliferation of STX Entertainment through acquisitions and partnering gives the player a competitive edge in surpassing the competition from industry giants. Way back in 2014 when Richard Simonds conceived the STX Entertainment, he realised the uncovered market potential along with demand for colossal funding. Thus structuring the growth pattern was more than perfect with the initial introduction of huge investors.The well-placed market strategies and correct decisions channelised the studio brains to become the top-notch challengers to the competitors.

2018 is all about news of high value to the trending studio Streams. Huge sign-ups are already in the pipeline with few releases in February. Being a relatively new player in Hollywood, the Success Journey of Richard Simonds and STX Entertainment brings in a whole new vision to the world of entertainment. A full-service international entertainment story is yet to reveal all its glory. In the formation and  Growth, STX turned out to be an unrivalled mastery to all its peers.

Source: Robert Simonds in Variety