Borescopes – Understanding the Optical Architecture

Optics is the core technology on which the working principles of Borescopes are based. The fundamental objects of optics in the device are the lenses, camera, prism and the reflecting glasses. The designing of Borescopes architecture could be made efficient when the experts are able to install the various parts according to the standards. The insertion shaft within the external body carries all the optical parts. This is a metallic tube capable of sliding within the external pipe. This is capable of withstanding maximum pressure without collapsing. Light from the lenses enters the tube and passes through many magnifying lenses before reaching the internal prism. The Penta-prism orients the direction of the image in the right direction and enhances its sharpness. By the time the image gets captured by the camera, its sharpness and field of view would have increased multiple folds.

Borescopes for Crystal Sharp Images

High quality Borescopes can capture crystal sharp images from any depth without any disturbances, internal reflections, loss of light and chromatic aberration. The objective lenses and the prism can reduce the distortion of images by more than 99.8% within the internal tubes of the Borescopes.

  • Sharpness Enhancement: – The various optical accessories used in the Borescopes are useful in enhancing the sharpness of the image and the field of view. This will enable you to view the micro size cracks within the internal surfaces of pipes and other structures. The flexibility in changing the refractive indices of the lenses and prism will help in gauging the dimension of the cracks, hairline fractures and other structural damages accurately.
  • Real Colors: – The high quality Borescopes are capable of displaying the real colors of the image without any types of chromatic aberration. This is made possible by eliminating the colored halo within the longitudinal and latitudinal axes in the field of view. This is highly helpful in the elimination of color variation, resulting in the display of real colors in the camera. You will be able to identify the various parts being inspected without color variations.
  • Magnification Ratio: – The best quality Borescopes can enhance the magnification ratio by multiple times. For example the slightest cracks in the internal sections of industrial pipelines get displayed after 100 times magnification. You will be able to study the nature of crack, evaluate its intensity, predict the time to reach chronic damage levels and take the right kind of corrective and actions. Many of the digital display units are capable of showing the magnified image within a graphically created chart area. This will enable you to accurately measure the dimensions of the damages.


  • Images and Video: – The multiple types of Borescopes can be used for capturing still images and video shots with highest value of precision. They help you in getting the real time data from structures like gas lines, fuel pipes, high pressure valves, cylinders, water pipelines, sewer pipes etc. Once you are able to identify the nature and intensity of damages, you can take real time decisions for carrying out repair and maintenance procedures.