Wooden Box Gift for New Year

New Years gifts need to bring in elements of freshness in one’s thinking and living patterns. Wooden box is a unique object which holds the infinite possibilities of carving and painting art to be embedded on its exteriors and interiors. Wood can also bring back memoirs of the times when humans had closest contact with nature. Wood was and still is the most cherished material for anyone who loves nature. In this sense wooden box can represent all the beauty and aesthetic elements gifted by nature to human kind.

Handmade Wooden Box

The wonders of handmade wooden box can be experienced when it is painted with the antique shades of tree and embedded with the most elegant of symbols representing human civilization. The artists who design the wooden box can think of many symbols which represent values in everyday life. But there is one symbol which is said to be the unique combination of passion, dedication, responsibility, courage and freedom.  This is the American bald eagle respected and revered by almost everyone who knows how to appreciate the value of life and love for the nation.

  • Transforming the probability into reality is made possible by sharp vision, swift action and pin point precision. The eagle is known to possess all these characters and much more. So the creators of wooden box decided to embody the eagle as part of its design. When you present this beautiful gift to your lose ones, you can see their lives getting transformed within few days. This may not be explicitly visible, but they can certainly feel the subtle, yet strong changes brought into their thinking and living patterns. The magic of eagle works wonders on those who come closer to its contact, in whichever form it gets manifested.
  • Painting the wooden box needs special artistic abilities, especially those handmade ones. The artists can use a combination of deep and light brown with shades of yellow. The horizontally spreading texture can invoke strong passionate feelings within the mind of the observer.
  • By placing the black and white bald eagle at the center with focus on its sharp eyes and bent beak, the artist co0mpletes the meaning of the art on the wooden box to perfection. The observer can view the object in many perspectives. But the central theme of vision and courage to be free is always a part of the design.
  • Uniqueness is the other name of art. No matter how many symbols you may eagle you may see, each one looks different in one or many perspectives. You might not be able to express the differences explicitly, though you are able to see them clearly right in front of your eyes. The same concept of art holds good for the handmade wooden box. There are no two wooden boxes which exactly resemble each other no matter they are made by many artists or an individual. This is also the inherent nature of human thinking which gets inspired by some of the unique designs and colors of the wooden box gift collections.