Pizza stone for oven

pizza stone for oven

Some of the people are always successful in making lovely, mouth watering pizzas while some people fail to achieve it and you must have wondered at it at some point of time in your life and the reason why some people can make delicious pizza is due to the baking surface employed in the preparation of the pizza stone for oven.   So before using it we must make sure that the surface for baking is endowed with all the specific features which would make baking of a pizza an experience of joy and happiness.

Since there are lots of varieties of stones available in the market it is very difficult to differenciate between the good, the best and the not so good ones.   So, due and utmost  care should be taken in the choice of pizza stone for oven while doing the purchase.

Various materials like Hard clay, tile, marble, fire brick, stone, ceramic etc., are used for the manufacture of pizza stone for oven.  Each one of the foresaid materials have their own plus points as well as their minus points.  They are also available in different shapes, thicknesses and sizes.   So, keeping in mind all these points while purchasing a pizza stone for oven,  what you must look for is the pizza stone for oven that would adapt with ease to heat and the one which is long standing enough to take the tolls of continuous and over and over usage.
pizza stone for ovenYou may have a doubt in your mind whether to use glazed pizza stone for oven or an unglazed pizza stone.   Almost all of us love to eat pizza with a crispy crust  and when that is so, it is advisable to go in for the unglazed pizza stone for oven.  That is so because the unglazed stone has the quality of absorbing moisture and at the same time provides heat  and distributes the heat in an equal measure throughout the stone.  Although in unglazed stone there is a slight difficulty in the cleaning process than the glazed stone,  the crispy crust pizza would justify the use of the unglazed stone and a glazed stone could be used if the preference is otherwise.

As already mentioned since the pizza stone for oven comes in various shapes and sizes, you must first of all ensure that the stone that you are planning to purchase would fit into your oven.  While doing the purchase online, you must be assured that you are provided with the right size measurements.  The thickness of the stone must also be considered.   When the pizza stone for oven is thicker, it may take a longer time for the pizza cooking to be completed but the pizza so cooked can be expected to be much crispier and tastier due to the systematic spreading of adequate heat and which is termed as uniform baking.  Also, a pizza stone for oven that is thicker is less liable to get damaged.




How to Choose the Best Cooking Stone

The cooking stone used for baking the pizza in the oven and grill has many more applications you can think of. This can be used to make bread, cookies, French fries, nuggets, biscuits and flat breads etc. You have the option of using the grill (gas, electric and charcoal based) or the oven. You may also use the traditional brick oven without causing any sort of damages to the structure of the cooking stone. In fact this can withstand a temperature up to 2,000 degrees (F) with fluctuations.

Thermal Shock Proof Cooking Stone

 The fluctuations in temperature can happen in gas or brick ovens as well as the grill. In such instances the cooking stone is capable of absorbing the shocks without getting brittle.

  • This property is said to be highly useful in protecting the food from being charred. For example you can think of the moment when you are making a cookie. The time taken for the complete cooking of the dough takes more time. This is due to the relative thickness of the dough. Sometimes the thickness may vary along the length of the cookie, making it uneven. When the cookie is subject to heat variations within short intervals of time, some parts may remain uncooked while the other parts may get charred. With the cooking stone you don’t need to fear about any such probability. The thermal distribution of the stone will remain uniform regardless of the fluctuation of heat from the source. This is said to be due to the high heat retention property of the cooking stone.
  • Making of bread on the cooking stone is a simple and fast process. The yeast and other ingredients added to the dough spread uniformly throughout the length and thickness of the bread, making it soft and tasty. This is made possible due to the endurance property of the cooking stone to thermal shocks from the brick oven or the gas and electric ovens.

Crispy layer Formation on the Cooking Stone

The formation of crispy layer on the surface is required not only for the pizza, but also the chicken nuggets. The first process of preparing the nugget is the breading / battering of the chicken. In some cases the bones may be removed, while in others the bones are retained. When the nuggets are placed on the cooking stone to be baked, the uniform thermal conductivity ensures optimum baking within the set time.

Formation of crispy layer on the pizza can happen in the oven as well in the grill at uniform rate. You may choose to cook the pizza directly on the source of heat or indirectly away from the heat source. In both cases you can ensure optimum crispiness. The heat retention property of the cooking stone can be helpful in gradual crisp formation when placed away from the source of heat. The same principle applies for the making of cookies, biscuits and bread on the cooking stone. Once you are sure of these two characteristics of the cooking stone, you can choose it without hesitation.