Some ways to take life on the right side and save money

We all know, after the summer holidays, it’s our bank accounts (exhausted) to rest. In money galley? Here are some tips for saving money

In this article exhausted by dramas, ways to take life on the right side! We know that the life of fans is not always easy, that’s why the editor of regularly shares his advice to relativise! Today, we offer to help … Your bank account. We all go through this period in the weeks following the start of school. We took advantage of the vacation, but really, and now it’s our account that is resting! It’s decided: Finished outings and shopping sessions, the restaurants galore! We now think of E-CO-NO-MIES. After a few weeks of “belt-tightening,” you have a good life! Take notes! 😉 And if you do not change all these habits of people in couples that hate above all the single Fan girl. You’re welcome!

We set ourselves an OBJECTIVE

Next autobiography of Zayn, Fifa 17, places for the eventual new concert with Justin Bieber in France, a dog, your next vacation … Before starting the practical advice, we can not advise you too much to set a goal for your savings! You will see, the wait will be shorter if you determine the amount to save. 😉 MOTIVATED!

We are offered A TIRELIRE (or we are offered …)

Okay, we said more unnecessary expenses! But your few euros will be very well placed in this new investment as practical as indispensable. Your piggy bank will become your best friend for weeks to come, as well choose it to make you want to put your coins! Promised, this time it will be your last purchase … If not, opt for another savings method. 😉

We share

Now, place to practice. To start, long live the barter! Between friends, we share EVERYTHING, right? To save my money, why not ask Selena for her new top or Zac for her latest video game? In exchange, they will be able to borrow you the last Harry Potter or your varnish OPI for example! This method also allows you to test before buying! But no question of tainting your relationship with your friends: We stay regulated, and we take advantage of this good way to avoid compulsive shopping. 🙂

We use and abuse beauty tutorials, hairdressing, DIY, …

We forget (temporarily!) Appointments at the hairdresser and beautician, fashion & deco shopping sessions and we start tutorials! Mr. Internet is full of videos full of tips and advice to make your little hands work, change your look for three times nothing or even offer a gift at a lower cost! And then, to hear saying “it’s me who did it!” Is more fun, right? 😀

We learn to cook

Want a restaurant with friends? And why not put on your aprons? Everyone brings his specialty or what he has in his fridge and left for an after dinner! The homemade is even more greedy especially when it’s done in a good mood (and laughter!). 😉

Thrift stores, THE place to be

You are a (-e) true (-e) fashionista and can not do without your usual shopping session? Do not panic! Simply change your favorite habits and stores! We buy smart and responsible in thrift shops or solidarity shops at low prices. These last ones allow us to save at the same time as a good action, what to ask for more? 😉 To you the vintage and unique style!


After thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales are also good ways to save money. No need to spend a thousand and a hundred to have fun, especially if you get tired quickly! Do not know what to do this weekend? That’s good; autumn is the season of flea markets! Why not take the opportunity to sort through your closets? 😉

We offer a subscription to the media library

There are no small savings: we put the cinema outings, concerts and book purchases. If you are fans of movies, music and you like reading, the media library will be your favorite place. The subscription is often free or only a few euros, and it guarantees dozens of books, CDs, and DVDs for several weeks! Savings, yes, but not on culture! 🙂

To you DVD nights!

Your friends can HELP you a lot in your quest for money. It’s even time to stand together or save in a group! 😉 Saturday night, nothing to do? Invite your buddies at home: One takes care of the popcorn and the other of the movie. And we do not risk disturbing our unknown neighbors by making noise … Good session! And what are your tips for saving money?