Fame and the Vlog (Video Blog)

The particular ranks of the famous have traditionally been roles stuffed by  movie stars, television stars, athletes and rock actors. The countenance of  celebrity is changing to include a fresh, technology-oriented kind of superstar:  The Vlogger. A vlog, if you have ever visited hiding under a rock, is a blog  (self-published on-line diary) with video. The vlog is trumping the website as  far as notoriety goes and the public’s love of the shifting image hasn’t seen  this much popularity since the invention in the moving picture in 1895. The  difference being the technological innovation necessary to become a vlogger, or  to take the media into your very own hands in the form of ‘citizen journalism’  as the genre is now recommended, is becoming easier and easier. A best vlogging camera with flip screen,  broadband, internet hosting site, software and content are the components needed  to be a possible vlogstar.

Forbes. com has listed the Web Celeb  twenty-five, a summation of the current internet superstars influencing the net.  Bloggers, podcasters and vloggers are among the individuals transforming the  Internet as we know it.

Forbes. com defines the “Web Celeb” as “as a  person famous primarily for producing or appearing in Internet-based content,  and for being very recognizable to a Web-based audience. That definition excludes people that were significantly famous before they hit the Web–like  author Arianna Huffington, billionaire Mark Cuban or correspondent Michelle  Malkin–and leaves us with a pool of people whoever fame depends on the  Internet. “

Forbes’ No . 1 Net Celeb is the American/New Zealand actress  Jessica Rose, actually known as Bree from the successful lonelygirl15 series.  She famous actors in an ongoing series about a 16-year-old home-schooled  American adolescent that was originally presented as a personal vlog, but  provides since been outed as a scripted and produced crisis series.  Lonelygirl15’s fan base breeched into the millions and she’s one of YouTube’s  most popular stars. The series began August 16, 2006 and the secrecy regarding the series was uncovered in August. The false pretense of the show and succeeding disclosure has done nothing but increase the commercial ratings of  the demonstrate. Thus, proving the validity of the Internet-based star appealing to worldwide attention and providing a workshop for future celebrity.

Number 11 on the Forbes list is Brooklyn, NYC based performance artist Hosea Frank (aka ZeFrank) along with his daily broadcast ‘The  Show with ZeFrank’.

Forbes evident Amanda Congdon, formerly of Rocketboom  fame, at NO. 7, with her new daily downloadable program from ABCNews. com.  Rocketboom became one of the most downloaded and viewed sites on the Internet  although she was the host for 1 . 5 years. The lady split with her partner and  launched an independent show ‘Starring Amanda Congdon. ‘

Before there was  the vlog, there is the blog. Bloggers stand firm in the Forbes list of ‘who’s  who’ in the Internet. Perez Hilton, a celebrity gossip starmonger comes in at No  . 2 . Tech guru, Michael Arrington (NO. 10) and also Markos Moulitsas (No. 3), a  political savant, the two prominent and heavy-hitters in the  blogosphere.